Vision Guided Computerized Sewing Machine

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SNS-5035 50by35cm area
CE / ISO 9000


See. N. Sew -5035 advanced vision-controlled sewing Machine.

For full specifications:

The stat

See. N. Sew -5035 advanced vision-controlled sewing Machine.

For full specifications:

The state of the art vision-controlled see. N. Sew - 5035 is the most powerful stitching production tool in the market.

Two ccd video cameras allow the see. N. Sew - 5035 to accurately detect and stitch the many parts that compose an upper. The system identifies and follows the edge of the parts, ensuring consistent, high-quality stitching' even if the parts vary in size or are deformed to some extent.

If material deformity exceeds a user-set tolerance, the stitching process will stop. In this way the machine acts as quality control system, ensuring consistently good uppers.

The see. N. Sew - 5035 system stitches complete uppers composed of many parts in one operation. This allows for dramatically reduced labor and tooling costs and a very low number of rejected uppers.

Saving and quality even if the material is smaller or larger than it should be or it is not exactly in place, the vision-controlled see. N. Sew - 5035 will ensure that the upper will be perfectly stitched -- saving time, expensive materials and reducing waste.

The see. N. Sew - 5035 provides robust heavy duty mechanical stability and perfect synchronization between the x-y moving table and the sewing head, enabling very low thread tension. This results in smooth, even stitches with no pulling or stretching of the material.

Quality control is automatically maintained during stitching. When the see. N. Sew - 5035 detects large material deformation or displacement(exceeding a user-set value), it will halt. The operator can then decide to disqualify the part or continue.

Technical specifications
-	sewing area:500 mm x 350 mm
-	vision-controlled
-	full shoes - all sizes
-	excellent for large
Production runs
-	automatic pallet changer
-	floor space:232 x 182 cm
-	max. Sewing speed:3000 spm